How to unblock MagicJack?
Unblocking magicjack with a vpn
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How to unblock MagicJack?
If you are traveling within countries in the arabian region like Oman, Kuwait, Qatar & the UAE you will face the problem that Magic jack will be blocked. The reason fort his is that the arabian ISPs of those countries dedided to prevent the people from using such free VOIP service to maximise their phone company profits.

To keep downloadžng Magicjack, and to use the software of magicjack you will need to use a vpn, which will give you a ip from the United states or Canada, You can get a unblock magicjack program thru this website.



More information about Magicjack and Unblocking it.
Magicjack is a known voip application to call local within the united states but alsof or long distance between the USA and Canada at no charge! Because of this programs makes it free to call even over the border, its very populair against the paid phone and cellphone subscriptions. But since these countries written above are trying to prevent this! It would give you lots of extra costs! So a good secure vpn give you the perfect solution.

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How can VPN make my calls free when i live in Oman or Kuwait?
The best VPN is that it hides your true location! So the application Magicjack will think you will be located within the United states or Canada instead of Oman, Kuwait or the United Arabic Emirates! So just compare you regular expensive calling rates with just the costs of MagicJack and the tiny extra of the VPN subscription!

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